This is fantastic, fruity flavoured, varietal white wine, as we like.


Greco di Tufo DOCG growing area. South/West 400 m. above the sea level.


Selection of grapes in the vineyards and in the winery. Soft crushing, fermentation of the must at checked temperature. Aging in bottle for at least 2 months.

Organoleptic description

Straw- yellow coulored, ripe- fruity flavoured wine: peach, vanilla and honey. Greco is a full- bodied wine whose acidity is light.

Gastronomic suggestions

Match this wine with grilled shellfish, fishes, white meats. It can be also used as an aperitif.

Analytical information                                                         

Alcohol content: 13 % vol.

Total acidity: 6 g/l

Yeald per hectare

70 quintals/ha

Grapes variety     

100% Greco di Tufo

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